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Mischievous by Xotri Mischievous by Xotri
At Anime Evolution: Jfest 2013
I decided to cosplay/ dress up as something..different, unexpected. So this was the result. Kinda looks like i'm talking to someone haha xDD
The story for this costume:
Every year New Orleans host an annual witches ball. At the ball, they have a contest for best hat and costume. So every year my parents go down and I make my mothers gown and hat according to the theme and what she wants specifically. The costume is an original design and was made in a 2 week time limit along with a 3 hour time limit for the hat at the cardboard base stage. (So you guys can imaging how late I stayed up trying to get it done on time >w<;; ). The design was pretty challenging, and had quite a bit of problems especially with the pattern; wasn't specific or was missing certain, important info It was insane! but the results completely worth it! And the look on my mothers face after finishing up with the fittings. Priceless. That's one of the main thing i love about commissions; Seeing the result/ the expression given of satisfaction by the client. ; w ; Unfortunately it didn't win. But the people there were very impressed. Back in 2011 when I first started, They only had a best hat competition/ contest. It was a very close tie for first and really gave the judges a tough decision when announcing winners. Originally it was supposed to win 1st but didn't due to unreasonable/ unfair judging.

The theme for last year was: Nox Victorian witch. which is what you see above. Our specific pattern theme was skulls.

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March 26, 2013
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